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When it comes to branding, some companies seem to have it right from the very start. Others, however, forget that branding is the main tool which connects their business to customers, on an emotional level. Apart from a memorable logo design, correct branding strategies add value to your business, motivate and inspire your employees and ease the process of attracting new customers. This is why, we’ve put together a list of 7 Branding mistakes you should NOT make in your business.


1. Picking the wrong name

Sure, it is tempting to jump over this step, by choosing either your name or a pet name for your business. Or, even worse, stealing a name from a brand you admire. In order to make sure you stand out, keep in mind the following:

  • Is your name easy to pronounce and spell? Nobody will be able to find your brand online if they can’t spell it. 
  • Is your name original?Make sure you studied all your competitors to avoid lawsuits, copy write infringement or just plain embarrassment. 
  • Is your name relevant? It needs to concisely describe your product or service and not mislead customers into thinking you are offering something that you are, in reality, not.
  • Is your name short? We recommend choosing a maximum of three words. This way, people will remember it easily and you will simplify the process of designing a logo or any other promotional materials for your company.

2. Forgetting to check the availability of the domain affiliated to your name.

A beautiful website is vital to your new business. This is why, make sure the name you choose is not already a registered domain. There are plenty of cases in which entrepreneurs leave this step to the end of their branding process, therefore risking a conflict that can be easily avoided.

3. Not paying attention to logo design.

The logo is the essence of your company. Through colors, fonts and images, the logo tells your story and offers essential information to your customers, helping them relate to your core values. 

  • Don’t design your own logo: A poorly designed logo will keep customers at bay, or, even worse, make them laugh hysterically. 
  • Don’t forget who your customers are: research who your audience is. Is your business tailored for seniors? Are your products dedicated to women? These are just some of the questions which will help you decide which direction you will take. 
  • Don’t draw inspiration from your competitors: Your competitors might be successful, which is what will tempt you into taking the same approach. However, a logo’s main characteristic is setting you apart from the crowd. Why else would a customer choose your company, if you are offering the same services/products visually packaged in a similar way. 

4. You are using a tagline/motto/slogan that is false.

Think about it this way: you own a retail company and your motto is “We got it all!”, despite the fact that your stores are constantly out of stock. Therefore, your customers will forever associate your business with the lack of truth. Your slogan should be a continuation of the logo, by explaining, in short, your brand’s identity.

5. You think you can do it all on your own.

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We understand it might be tempting to believe you can save money if you come up with your own branding strategy. This is a situation we encounter often, and we can’t stop wondering “If you understand what your hart does, does that mean you can perform surgery on somebody as well?. When you don’t poses the knowledge, you will automatically find yourself in a situation in which you brand equals either lack of interest or patience. Our advice is to study the market and choose a marketing company that can offer the services you need, tailored to your budget. 

6. You forget about Social Media.

Studies show that people visit, in average, 3 websites a day. In the majority of case, one of those is Facebook. Even though you are not a fan of Social media, that does not mean your audience feels the same way. In the digital world, being absent from Social media is equal to anonymity and lack of trust. As soon as your website is up and running, decide on what platforms you would like to use in order to connect to your audience. And don’t forget: quality is always better than quantity. 

7. You don’t communicate with your employees.

A successfull brand starts inside your company. You are the only one who knows what the key values and ideas of your business are, which means it is up to you to communicate them to your employees. They are the ambassadors of your brand they interact on a daily basis with your customers. 


First impression matters. Always. Are you running into problems when creating a visual identity and a branding strategy for your company? BrandLocked is at your disposal. We offer guaranteed results, affordable pricing and realistic deadlines. Get in touch now